Todays Trip and Tips

Todays sale

Todays sale

The first thing I do every time I go to the Goodwill is check for sales. Every day the Goodwill chooses a tag color that is 50%. Todays color was yellow. I try to make it my goal to only buy pieces that are on sale, because I hate paying full price, even at the Goodwill. I also always give myself a budget, if I don’t I’ll walk out with the whole store! Today I made my mission to find shoes! However on my way to the shoes I let my eye wander and found the skirts! Oh so many skirts!!! So many bright colorful prints! I’m a sucker for print!

skirts, skirts and more skirts!

skirts, skirts and more skirts!

I couldn’t believe all the great skirts I saw! Ralph Lauren, Hollister, LOFT, Calvin Klein and, so much more! And to top it all off they were priced at $3.99 with yellow tags! It was so hard to just pick a few!! If you are not familiar with labels do a little research. I always search for a label in two places. First I simply google and see what their new items are selling for on their website. Then I always search the brand on Poshmark. When I search on Poshmark I always look at sold clothing from that brand to see what people are actually paying for it.  Below are the skirts that I chose.

LOFT Paid $1.99 Roughly valued at $50

Paid $1.99
Roughly valued at $50

Hollister Paid $1.99 Roughly valued at $30

Paid $1.99
Roughly valued at $30

Forever 21 Paid $1.99 Roughly valued at $25

Forever 21
Paid $1.99
Roughly valued at $25

The Aztec print body con skirt from forever 21 I’ll be keeping for myself! To cute to let that one go! On my way to the register once again my eye wandered and my attention was drawn to another loud print! This time is was that of a light washed Aztec print baggy Tee.image

This is another I’ll be keeping for myself! If you couldn’t tell I REALLY like Aztec print.

Summary of todays tips

  1. Look for sales
  2. Stick to your budget!
  3. Be open minded
  4. Research!
  5. Keep your eyes open!
  6. And above all HAVE FUN!

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Some of my favorite past finds

Every time I go to the Goodwill I typically find more pieces then I know what to do with! Sometimes I even have to leave a few behind because I simply can’t buy them all! Bellow are just a few of my FAVORITE finds!

Ann Taylor LOFT Sweater
Purchased for $3.99
Retails Roughly Around $49.50

Max Studio Dress
Purchased for $5.99
Retails for roughly $100-$200

The Limited Sleeveless Sweater
Purchased for $2.99
Retails for roughly $49.95

Ann Taylor LOFT Jacket Still with tags
Purchased for $3.99
Retails for $79.99

Calvin Klein Suit
Purchased for $2.99
Retails for roughly $200

As you can see most of pieces say “roughly retails for” this is because by the time most of these pieces make it to the Goodwill they are no longer the current season therefor I can not find them on the designers  website so I have to base the retail price off of similar pieces.

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